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Heating Technology

HAAS uses the very best and most efficient heating equipment.

Technology and fuel choices include Natural Gas or LPG boilers, Electric Heat Pumps, Hybrid Boiler Heat Pump, Wood Pellet or Chip boilers, or Solar Heating.


The HAAS equipment is connected to the internet via a dedicated data link and monitored 24/7.  Faults are immediately detected.  The fuel, electricity and water supplies are also monitored to ensure that any problems are identified.


HAAS is supported by a nationwide network of dedicated service technicians.  These are strategically located to ensure the fastest possible response time.


Control and Monitoring

 A customer portal is available to all customers via the haas.ie web site. Operation of the system can be easily checked by logging in.   The unique HAAS app runs on Android and iOS, PC, MAC and all web browsers.  This provides a very convenient way of accessing the customer portal.



HaaS Options

HAAS may be expanded to provide the following services:

  • Metering of Heat, Electricity and Water usage
  • Automatic leak detection in heating and water distribution systems
  • Control of space and water heating zones.



The technology behind HAAS is provided by RVR Energy Technology Ltd.  RVR Energy Technology Ltd has been in business since 1994 is a premier provider of space and water heating technology.

HAAS is supported by a robust internet infrastructure providing monitoring and management of operating data. 

Skilled and trained service technicians are based at multiple locations allowing rapid response to customer’s needs.  Our staff are the industry’s most experienced team of technical personnel.

We work with hundreds of business customers—from large corporate enterprises to start-ups, and in all sectors including manufacturing, warehousing, hotels, offices, apartment buildings, nursing homes, hospitals and schools.

Heating as a Service


HAAS or Heating as a Service is a real problem solver for owners and operators of commercial, public, educational and healthcare buildings.

HAAS provides access to the latest, most efficient heating and control technology for a modest monthly subscription.   No capital expenditure is required. 

This allows building operators  to use the equity from heating equipment for other business needs, eliminates depreciation, and increases operational flexibility by ensuring that access to optimised heating solutions are always available.

There are no additional maintenance costs as all service is included.  All parts and even full equipment replacement, if necessary, are covered.  No specialist on site technical staff are required.

The equipment is constantly monitored via the internet, and an 8-hour response is provided to ensure availability of heat.  Fuel consumption is minimised by using the latest high-efficiency equipment.

Professional installation and service ensures reliability and safety.

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